16 Apr ANGT Success at the Arnold Festival

2015 VIP Luncheon with Arnold Schwarzenegger

ANGT (America’s Next Great Trainer) President/CEO Rob Fletcher’s Speech launching the First America’s Next Great Trainer Challenge at the Arnold Sports Festival.

The 2015 Arnold Sports Festival was capped off with a VIP luncheon with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In attendance Jim Lorimer, Dr. Robert Goldman – Founder International Sports Hall of Fame, Mayor Michael B. Coleman, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich among many other high profile names in the health and fitness industry.

Founder/President of ANGT, America’s Next Great Trainer Rob Fletcher was introduced by business partner Dr. Robert Goldman. “For the first time in history Rob has assembled the leading, most respected worldwide organizations under one competition – America’s Next Great Trainer Challenge, this truly will be a game changer. this in conjunction with the ANGT Conference and Continued Education Series.”

“You are to be commended for bringing together the leading worldwide fitness training organizations in support of the ANGT platform and this challenging program. Your proven leadership and extensive promotional experience assure that this Great Trainer event will have significant impact on both the training industry and the health and fitness community. We are certain this will be a highly successful competitive event in a professional field of great importance to our nation.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

History Made at the Arnold Sports Festival!

First Ever ANGT: America’s Next Great Trainer Challenge

Interview with ANGT Trainer Challenge Champion Darin Steen:

Columbus, OH; March 8, 2015 The 2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival, which is the largest fitness and sports event in the world with over 200,000 attendees, 20,000 competitors and 50 sporting events, just commenced in Columbus Ohio. This year marked the launch of ANGT: Americas Next Great Trainer Challenge.

ANGT: America’s Next Great Trainer is becoming a larger and stronger network than ever before. Founder Rob Fletcher, through ANGT, has assembled an elite team of advisors, panel members and trainers who are dedicated to showcasing and featuring the best trainers in the US. The only requirements? That they motivate, inspire, energize, educate and empower others to live a positive, healthy, fit, confident and strong lifestyle!

The judges at this year’s event were Dr.Nicholas DiNubile, Dr.Mark Kovacs – ITPA, Dr.Fred Hatfield – ISSA, Jacque Crockford – ACE, Nick Clayton – NSCA, Gary Reinl, Dr Michael Kim, Michael Degrasse – ONNIT. The competitors were chosen through online video and/or live auditions. The live event judging criteria was based on a series of assessments and evaluations (on a 1-10 scale) which included the competitors’ ability to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and expertise of training clients. This was added to the requirements regarded so highly by the ANGT brand: Educate, Motivate, Inspire, Empower.

Opening the awards presentation was Dr Robert Goldman, followed by Rob Fletcher who clearly stated the important role of trainers in society: that they are a necessary solution to the health care crisis across America. The winners were invited to a private luncheon with Rob Fletcher, Arnold Schwartzenegger and the Governor of Ohio. Finalists were Doug Hall in 4th place, Dakari Williams in 3rd, Anthony Magnelli came in 2nd and the winner of the first ever ANGT Challenge is Darin Steen.


Rob Fletcher is the Founder of ANGT America’s Next Great Trainer. He has over 30 years in the fitness and martial arts industry. A certified black belt, and trainer through ISSA, IHP and IFPA. Radio host on 93.5 FM NY WTBQ, and author to the soon to be released book, Transformation America.

1st Place: Darin Steen, A total of $15,000.00. Cash prizes 10,000.00
2nd Place: Anthony Magnelli, Certified NASM and CrossFIT, $2500.00
3rd Place: Dakari Williams, ACE Certified, $1,500.00
4th Place: Doug Hall NSCA, NASM, IFPA Certified, $1,000.00

Many thanks to our sponsors:
*Dr. Robert Goldman and the International Sports Hall of Fame
*Bodycraft Fitness Equipment
*GLC 2000
*Aqua Punching Bag
*Omega Man Schools

A very special thanks to the leading organizations ACE, NASM, NSCA, ISSA, ITPA, IFPA and ACSM Get ready for next year.

For more information to participate as a trainer or for great sponsorship and promotional packages:

Email: Rob Fletcher robfletcher@angt.tv
Website: www.angt.tv
Facebook: America’s Next Great Trainer
Twitter: @robfletcherangt
Instagram: angttv


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