27 Apr Dr. Goldman, Mentoring Kids – Underprivileged Neighborhoods

A very fortunate benefit of having a great business partnership is sharing an unstoppable desire to make a difference.

Having known Dr. Robert Goldman since the early days of the Arnold Sports Festival, then known as The Arnold Classic, we’re long time friends and now partners.

Rob Fletcher and Dr. Robert Goldman

Together Dr. Goldman and I are very excited about the opportunities and amazing things that are ahead for ANGT, America’s Next Great Trainer. One specifically is our ANGT Youth Fitness, Empowerment & Nutrition Program – addressing obesity and bullying. Building the youth of America from the inside out, the will to win in the Game of Life!

Dr. Bob mentors kids from underprivileged neighborhoods and its a lifelong Anti-Bullying life responsibility, having come from the housing projects also.

Demonstrating World Records for kids in the inner city during the 14 years of setting World Records for the Guinness World Book. He went after everything from Handstand pushups (321 consecutive), strait leg sit-ups -13,500, 50 yard handstand sprint, one arm pull-ups, overhead one-arm pushup, dips, etc.

“To see the look in these kids eyes and mentoring them, is the best feeling ever.”

Dr. Robert Goldman mentoring kids

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