26 Jun The Mindset of a Great Coach – Suffern Football Team

ANGT TV Documentary Series “The Mindset of a Great Coach” Episode #2

ANGT TV America’s Next Great Trainer Documentary Series, trainers, coaches and instructors transform lives. Not only physically, mentally, emotionally, but spiritually. Building the will to win in the most important game of all… the Super Bowl of Life .

Founder of ANGT America’s Next Great Trainer, Rob Fletcher, visits with the Suffern High School Football Team.

Speaking with Head Coach Bill Delaney, Dr. Anthony Lauro and Quarterback Steven Lauro of Suffern High School Football. The role they play in coaching both on and off the field. Developing character traits of values, belief, never giving up, and giving your absolute very best every day.

The parents role in life as parent and coach, leading by example. Speaking to Quarterback Steven Lauro on the role his parents have played and the impact they have on his life. Learning that in the Game of Life “Fight hard! Fight strong! Fight to Win.”

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