21 Sep NYC Premier of “The Martial Arts Kid”

Naples Chamber Member and Part time resident Rob Fletcher host NYC Premier of “The Martial Arts Kid”

Naples Chamber Member Rob Fletcher Founder and President of America’s Next Great Trainer Hosts NYC Premier “The Martial Arts Kid” Promoting the ANGT “Start Strong, Stay Strong” Program – addressing obesity and bullying. A long time martial artist and fitness guru Fletcher played host to a packed house at the NYC premier of The Martial Arts Kid. Executive Producer Dr. Robert Goldman Associate Producers: Alan Goldberg, James Wilson, Cheryl Wheeler. Cast included Marcos Taylor from Straight Outta Compton, Jansen Panettiere of the Perfect Game and Ice Age, Kathryn Newton of Paranormal Activity 4, Don Wilson 11x World Kickboxing Champion, Cynthia Rothrock 5x World Forms and Weapons Champion, Lorraine Ziff, Matthew Ziff, TJ Storm, Chuck Zito, and many real life word champions, world class instructors and athletes.

“This is much greater than a movie, this is a great movie with a call to action. Addressing Obesity & Bullying through youth education, empowerment and physical activity. To reinforce to all of America the much needed, and true value of the martial arts and fitness in our society. America needs to see The Martial Arts Kid. America needs Martial Arts”
– Rob Fletcher Founder/President ANGT, LLC., America’s Next Great Trainer


  • 160,000 kids stay home every day as a result of bullying.
  • Childhood obesity has more than doubled in in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the east 30 years (CDC)
  • Children who are overweight are more likely to be primary targets and victims of bullying
  • 83% of girls and 79% of boys report being bullied in school or online
  • $147 billion dollars in healthcare costs – (annually)
  • 75% of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying against the shooter
  • Students who are bullies as young adults continue the trend of abuse and violence into adulthood
  • By age 30, approximately 40% of boys who were identified as bullies in middle school or high school had been arrested 3 or more times

Solutions: Prevention. Education and Motivation

  • Trainers, coaches and instructors local school and community involvement
  • Educate and Motivate through well structured,and designed programs an curriculums.
  • Support of schools, businesses, health clubs, gym owners, teachers, trainers, coaches, instructors, politicians to reinforce the message.
  • Reinforcement, and support of media movies, television, radio, news, and magazine articles
  • Well designed, structured curriculums for Phys Ed Classes. Daily 30-45 minute phys ed curriculums in the school system which include life and social skills development.
  • Mom and Dad. You are a coach, the trainer who prepares them for the game of life. Teach them, encourage them, inspire, motivate them, educate them; exercise, values, healthy eating and proper nutrition.

Contact: Rob Fletcher
Cell: 845-406-5069



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