Women inspiring other women to live a positive, healthy, fit, confident and strong lifestyle. To exercise, eat healthy, hit the gym and get that workout in.

HOT is confidence, inspiration, hard work, discipline, and overcoming adversity; it is passion, commitment, values, inner strength, willpower, attitude and living a positive healthy, fit and active lifestyle. Sometimes a bit of motivation and inspiration can put others on their way to REDEFINING themselves and in turn, to make a complete “life transformation.”

Upon submission approval select girls name and image will appear on our Facebook “like” page; subsequently, a few may be selected and featured in the official ANGT Gallery (above). This feature will include several pictures as well as their profile. We are also currently pursuing various other media and marketing platforms.


Presently, our ANGT website www.ANGT.tv and ANGT Radio (93.5FM WTBQ) airs our radio talk show every Tuesday afternoon from 12:00pm-1:00pm EST. Traveling? Listen worldwide atwww.wtbq.com! Additional marketing and promotional materials will include billboards, books, manuals, fliers, posters and special live ANGT-sponsored events featuring select girls from the campaign.


General Info:
We will be holding photo and video shoot opportunities throughout the tri-state area at health clubs, gyms, businesses and special events showcasing the talents of top photographers such as Joshua Paull, Lora Warnick. If you would like to host a great promotional event with America’s Girls of the Gym or are a photographer/videographer who would like to submit girls interested in this campaign please email us at info@angt.tv


Please “Like” our ANGT Radio page on Facebook (ANGT Radio 93.5FM WTBQ). Are you interested in being a featured guest on our radio show? Please join us to share your advice and tips to empower others to lead a more positive, healthy, active and fit lifestyle. Contact us via email at info@angt.tv


Are you interested in photo shoots and/or a superior promo reel? Our talented ANGT photographers, videographers and cinematographer are on the look out for you! Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming live events or book a photo shoot with photographers Lora Warnick and Joshua Paull; ANGT cinematographer Harry Baruch creates amazing promo reels. Please email us for their contact information!