Coming off our Top featured story in the NY Post we are launching our campaign. We are encouraging readers, and viewers to seek out a Certified Personal Trainer and enter the $1000 60 Day ANGT Transformation Challenge. $1000 will be awarded to the trainer/client with the most empowering transformation story.

Trainers, coaches and instructors can enter with a client looking to sign up.
$1000 will be awarded to the trainer/client with the most empowering transformation story.

Start Day: August 1 | Final Day: September 30, 2015

*start pics must be taken with dated newspaper.

Get UP! Get Moving! Lift Those Weights and Get Started!!
Plan: The 60 Day ANGT Transformation Challenge
Light IT UP & Torch the FAT


Lose Body Fat, inches off your waistline, gain lean muscle, increase strength, stamina and conditioning. Sculpt, tone, and define your body. Best of all, “Transform Yourself.” Feel Great! Look Great!

This is it… take control. Take action. Be accountable. Slow, gradual, positive changes in lifestyle habits and behaviors will set you up for the long-term success. Your “magic pill” prescription is hard work, discipline, commitment, sweat equity, focus; stay the course and make it happen!

Proper nutrition, weight train/cardio/intervals

Simple guidelines to get you started.

  1. Consume high quality proteins – beef, fish, chicken, eggs, whey and casein protein supplement drinks.
  2. Avoid processed foods. Reduce or cut out whites: pasta, breads, potatoes, rice, cheese, bread, dairy.
  3. Avoid candy, soda and fruit juices.
  4. Get in the habit of reading labels nutritional facts and ingredients.
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Throw in a lemon or lime. Lemon assists in the process of digestion and elimination. The popular formula is 8 glasses of water per day.
  6. Consume your meals according to your post meal activities: “nutrient timing.”
  7. Eat smaller more frequent meals through the course of the day. Keeps the appetite satisfied.
  8. Healthy snacks: natural foods, fruits, nuts and vegetables.
  9. Choose a cardio or short interval workout first thing in the morning. Your body will use stored fat for fuel, as there is no muscle glycogen to use.
  10. Hit the Gym. And get that workout IN!

**Print or copy the above tips out – read and reinforce daily.**

IMPORTANT: If you cannot do it alone, make an investment in yourself. Seek out the advice, guidance and direction of a professional credible trainer and/or nutritionist to get you started. They will evaluate and assess. Together you set goals, make a plan and make it happen…..whatever your “IT” may be.

No time to work out? Use the “No Excuses” Total Body Workout HIIT High Intensity Interval Training – Circuits/Intervals listed below. Start with one interval and work your way up.


DYNAMIC WARM UP – Warm up before circuits/intervals.

  • Run in Place High Knees
  • Jump Jacks
  • Gate swings
  • Seal Jacks
  • Straight Riser Kicks
  • Burpee Walk Outs
  • *Two rounds: 10 – 20 repetitions each

Choose your circuit/interval from below. Strive for 30 minute workouts. You can combine circuits and/or mix and match.


  • High Knee running in place
  • Burpees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Push Ups
  • Three rounds – 1 Minute each
  • Rest Option: 1 minute after each circuit or no rest 12 straight minutes
  • Approximate Total Time: 12 – 15 minutes


  • Push Ups
  • From Push up position knee to Elbow
  • From Push Up position knee to opposite elbow – twist twist
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Three rounds: 30 – 60 seconds each
  • 1 minute rest between rounds
  • Approximate Total Time: 9 – 15 minutes

CIRCUIT # 3 (Lower & Upper Body)

  • Squats
  • Lunge and Twist
  • Jump Split lunge
  • Squat Jumps
  • In & Outs – feet together and apart – knees slightly bent – move as fast as you can.
  • Push Ups
  • Three Rounds
  • Start with 30 seconds each movement; work up to 1 minute or 10 – 20 repetitions each.
  • 1 – 2 minute rest between rounds
  • Approximate Total Time: 15 – 24 minutes

CIRCUIT #4 (Core)

  • Push Up to Plank
  • Plank
  • Hip Ups
  • Three rounds
  • Start with 30 seconds each movement; work up to 1 minute
  • 1 minute rest between rounds
  • Approximate Total Time: 7½ – 12 minutes


Cool Down/Stretching

Be sure to take the time to do both the Dynamic Warm Up and end with a stretch and cool down. I strongly suggest investing in a foam roller and implementing it into your workouts.


Key Notes:

Always check with your doctor prior to starting any exercise program. Nutrition and exercise as well as strength building work together for optimal results. Follow the basic guidelines set forth above.

  • Know your RHR(Resting Heart Rate)
  • Know your MHR(Maximum Heart Rate) – 220 – your age = MHR
  • Know your THR (Target Heart Rate)

Your MHR x 0.75 = THR

Your MHR x 0.85 = THR